Water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program


Improve access to water sanitation and hygiene services for target communities in Turkana County.

WASH program

Our approach


Water is life and our water and sanitation projects are virtually the epicenter and premier activity of our community development work. The program focuses on improving and optimizing access to safe water, adequate sanitation and health among geographically remote communities in Turkana.


Akilokony cbo is working to end open defecation through awareness creation, information sharing and spurring behavior changes in effort to bridge the gap between building of sanitation facilities and their actual use.


Sustainable Water Harvesting and Wetland Utilization

The well-being of families is impossible without sustainable, equitable access to clean water, dignified sanitation and appropriate hygiene behaviors. Our water and sanitation projects are therefore the epicenter and premier activity of our community development work. As clean water is in the interest of all community members our water related projects represent an important entry point for other activities in new communities.

Akilokony CBO works with other partners to ensure that community members have access to clean potable water, better health and sanitation, a clean environment and better protected and utilized riverbeds.

To achieve these objectives, AKILOKONY CBO carries out the following activities:

  • Construction of hand-dug wells fitted with hand pumps
  • Construction of VIP toilets for family members in the community and institutions (churches, schools, hospitals and administration centers)
  • Conducting training and awareness campaigns on personal hygiene, environmental hygiene and protection as well as sanitation.

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